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Leachate Fact File 1 – Contaminants Found in Leachate: POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENYLS, PCBS

Be one of the first to buy this fact sheet! It’s the first of a planned series of Leachate Contaminant Fact Files!

Our leachate fact sheets are based upon research carried out for the UK Department of Environment in the mid-1990s, updated and presented in bite-sized documents.

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Designed as reference sources for leachate treatment scientists, regulatory bodies, and interested owners of landfill sites, these Fact Files come complete with a reference list for the original information sources, for those seeking to do further studies into the subject of each Fact File. (In this Fact File we cover a very important water contaminant which has been very controversial, and still does concern very many people.)

Although, this Fact File has been specifically created with the leachate management/ water quality specialist in mind, it contains much information which is relevant to the assessment of PCB hazards in any water body, and the environment generally.

This document is an ebook which is available as a Acrobat™ PDF file for immediate downloading at any time, day or night.

Store it on your hard drive for future reference
or print it out and keep it – it’s your choice!

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  • Find out just how hazardous PCBs are likely to be when found at trace concentrations in leachate
  • Be able to assess the risk to the environment of PCBs at specific landfill sites by holding a thorough understanding of the nature of the PCB threat and why it has caused all PCBs to have been banned
  • Understand in principle how PCBs build-up in living tissues
  • Be clear in your mind how it was that PCBs historically became known for their hazardous properties
  • Find out how PCB concentrations found commonly in leachate compare with other examples of PCB contaminated water, such as heavily trafficked highway rainwater run-off
  • Understand the reasons for the manner in which the whole family of PCBs have been analysed in the past for just a few of the many PCB isomers, and the limitations of some PCB analysis methods.

Q: Are these fact files based upon information available elsewhere on the internet?

A: No. They are based  upon peer reviewed technical papers, government reports (most of which have been archived), and to some extent on specialist professional environmental (mostly subscription) magazine articles published in the last 20 years. At least 80% is not freely available on the web, even if you had unlimited time to seek it out.

The price of this Fact File will be £15 when the full series is published
however, you – as an early buyer will get an “early-bird” discount and pay
just £13.75 inclusive of VAT.

Just think of the time it would take you to research this information yourself, even if the information was freely available? This is high value, and very specialised, information, at a remarkably low price!

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