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leachate indicator parameters

The 3 Most Important Leachate Indicator Parameters

There are three very important leachate indicator parameters which are used as indicators to identify leachate contamination in any water sample analysed in a water quality laboratory. These three parameters can give an initial guide to anyone investigating what appears to be pollution occurring in the vicinity of a landfill, as to whether the source […]

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A sanitary landfill

Sanitary Landfill Leachate Past and Future

INTRODUCTION Within the last many years there have actually been major advances in the variety, engineering and control of landfill sites; however it is still a fact that at many sites the generation of very polluting sanitary landfill leachates is still the significant possible environmental problem to be conquered. Although research and experience continue to […]

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Air Ammonia Stripping

Air Ammonia Stripping is a leachate treatment process which is now largely outdated and seldom used. During the 1980s in the United Kingdom it was seen as a potential physico-chemical leachate treatment process which would be suitable for the treatment of leachate from sanitary (lined and capped) landfills, however, although a number of pilot scale […]

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Exactly What Is a Leachate Attenuation Zone?

The Leachate Attenuation Zone Explained A leachate attenuation zone is essentially a buffer zone around a landfill that protects against contamination of groundwater by its pollution from dangerous or hazardous wastes. Lots of older landfills were developed before stricter laws were implemented have been described as having “leachate attenuation zones”. In the UK these types […]

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