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This is our Software Help page.

1.  Is your software safe to use?

Our software is based upon a proprietory system for compiling the executable files which has been rigorously tested on all windows systems. However, in common with all other software providers, we can never be totally certain that someone may experience a problem while using it. It is safe as far as we can reasonably ascertain, however its use is at the risk of the user, and we accepat no liability. See out Terms of Use. It has also been virus checked and found free of infection.

2. How Do I Run Your Programs?

Simply unpack the zip files into a directory somewhere on your hard drive where you will be able to return to them easily. Once all the files have been “extracted” open the extracted folder and find the file which is listed as a .exe, (executable program) (it may be in the Source-Files folder). Double click on that file to “run” it and the software will open and run, presnting you with the initial window and further instructions appear to take you through using the program.

3. How Do I Install Your Programs?

The beauty of the software we provide is that the programs run without being installed. Just run the executable (.exe) file in the unzipped directory, as described in 2. above.

4. Why Does Windows Tell Me That This Software is an “Undefined Security Risk”

Microsoft is just pointing out that running any executable file brings a risk to your computer in the event that it contained a virus infection or other pernicious code, and you should not be unduly concerned about this for our software, beyond the normal precautions computer users should always take to run up to date anti-virus /security software in the background, on their computers.

Still Need Help?

We will be adding additional Frequently Asked Questions here, in response to our users queries, as they arise.

If you still have a problem after reading this page, we suggest that you email us with your question, via our Contact page on this blog. We will assist as soon as possible.