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The Sewage Waste Treatment Design Guide


This Sewage Waste Treatment Process Design Guide is a downloadable pdf.

  • 70 pages of valuable training for students in water treatment processes for foul water/ sewage municipal treatment
  • based upon an evergreen book, it explains how the old-timer municipal engineers designed and operated their sewage works as long ago as 1918
  • valuable insight into the development of wastewater technology over the last 100 years
  • essential background reading for anyone planning to design, or build a wastewater treatment plant.


This Sewage Waste Treatment Process Design Guide is a downloadable pdf that explains all the classic wastewater treatment processes used over the last 100 years.

It is based upon a book that was published in 1918 and is abridged.

It is a historic text, with updates for today’s waste waster designers, on each process but nonetheless, it’s both educational and a fascinating insight into what those old-timers thought worked best in sewage waste treatment.

It describes the common practice in the US for sewage treatment (Wastewater Treatment) in the first part of the twentieth century and almost all the processes and techniques described are still in use today. In those days the US was the leading nation in water treatment and the rest of the world followed them by adopting the processes described here.



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